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There are several things I will do, once elected, to improve funding for education.

•  I support increasing Congressional funding for Title 1, IDEA and ESSA investments.
•  I believe in increasing the use of technology in the classroom for early education.
•  I believe that teachers must be paid well and need to be reimbursed for classroom expenses.
•  I would like to see interest rates on student loans be equal to the Federal Funds Rate, which is currently 1.5%.

As a parent of 3 school age children, I understand the vital role of teachers in the development and future success of our nation’s children. I believe education is a human and civil right in America. A right that must be protected to ensure that all children have access to a free and engaging education regardless of socioeconomic hardship, disability, ethnicity or a child’s sense of self.

There are thousands of studies on childhood education to help us understand the process of learning. From these studies, we know that investing in underperforming schools in poor areas directly correlates with higher rates of improvement over schools in affluent districts. Basically, dollars spent on poorer schools are a much better investment.

Teacher pay in Oklahoma is an absolute tragedy. There is no legitimate reason state legislators have allowed this disaster to continue for so long. It’s my most sincere hope that a resolution will be reached and teachers will receive a minimum raise of $10,000 per year, along with wage increases for support staff.

Additionally, I hope the resolution will address our ailing classroom infrastructure and invest in technology and textbooks to help our children learn, retain information and venture beyond in their creativity. While test scores are an indicator of memorization, they are not an indicator of learning.

No more emergency teaching certificates. Oklahoma legislators should aim to create an educational system worthy of admiration and envy in order to attract teachers to Oklahoma from beyond our borders.

Teachers paying for school supplies out of their own pockets creates even more undue hardship. Approved teachers expenses should be reimbursed by the schools if they are not provided. Otherwise, ensure they are tax deductible at full value.

Finally, we have to help people reduce their student loan debt. I had them for a time and they are crushing, life-stealing behemoths. I propose changing the interest rate on student loans to be equal to the Federal Funds Rate, also known as the Federal Overnight Rate, which is used by banks to procure loans to meet their minimum cash-on-hand requirements.

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