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Gun Ownership

  • I support gun ownership
  • I support mandatory background checks for firearm sales at gun shows for private sellers
  • I do not support a federal registry for gun owners 
  • I do not support conceal and carry without a permit

Let me preface this issue with a personal declaration. I am a long-time conceal and carry permit licensee and support responsible gun ownership.

In 2009, I was able to intervene and stop a criminal act using a handgun. It was after midnight on Halloween weekend. I had just returned from an event when I noticed a group of men breaking into vehicles in my neighborhood. While it wasn’t the best idea, I could not ignore the training I had obtained serving in the Marine Corps.

Watching carefully as the group moved down my street, I waited until they passed where I was watching in the dark and turned the corner at the street corner. Under the light of a street lamp, with my phone already calling 911, I called out to them to stop. When they saw the pistol, they dropped their loot and ran into the darkness. I did not chase after them. That would have been irresponsible. When the police arrived we were able to return some of the items the looters had stolen to their proper owners. This is responsible gun ownership and why we must be allowed to protect ourselves and our neighbors.

There is a reason the Founding Fathers included the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights. The need to defend against mortal danger is innate, and I will not remove the protection guaranteed in our founding document.

I am not in favor of a national gun ownership registry. I watched Red Dawn. One of the first things the invading force did was track down everyone’s guns. It’s not going to happen on my watch. I vote “Nay!”

I do not support a "ban" on assault-style rifles, but we should have a serious discussion about raising the age requirement and creating stronger regulations for purchasing these weapons. Additionally, we should add bump stocks to the list of class III/ title 2 weapons covered under the National Firearms Act (NFA).

When it comes down to it, it’s about the person holding the gun or the manner in which the firearm is stored. I would encourage all gun owners to properly store their firearms, and please, please keep them out of reach of children. I would encourage you to get some form of safe and/or trigger lock to prevent unauthorized use.

As always, remember the four primary rules of gun safety; 1) treat all guns as if they are always loaded, 2) never let the gun point at anything you’re not willing to destroy, 3) keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on their target and you have made the decision to fire, 4) be sure of your target and what lies beyond.

Gun ownership is a right and a privilege. Be responsible. 

For information on my comprehensive gun reform plan, please visit: The Parkland Plan

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