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Marijuana Legalization

In regards to the legalization of marijuana, I believe usage restrictions should be determined by state per the voters. In a congressional capacity, I would motion to update the Controlled Substance Act to remove "marihuana" from the list of Schedule I substances and create new laws around dispensary operation and taxation.

No matter how you regard cannabis, it's clear prohibition of marijuana did little to curb usage in the United States. Instead, the war on marijuana filled our prisons, wasted billions of dollars in taxpayer money and created a black market where drug cartels and organized crime gained power and influence. The real cost though is the pain felt by the families of men and women serving sentences in prison because of Oklahoma's marijuana laws, which are some of the harshest in the country.

FYI - Did you know nationally, America arrests nearly 1,000,000 people a year for marijuana crimes? It's true.

I'm not going to list the benefits of legalization regarding taxes, budgeting, reduced prison population, curbing the flow of illegal drugs from Mexico, creating new cash crops for the agriculture community, creating a new industry or how sales of fast food may increase, thus helping raise the minimum wage...or even how it could cut into the looming problem of opioid addiction for pain, because 71% of voters already oppose enforcing federal marijuana laws and 91% support medical marijuana use (Newsweek, 1/11/2018). Instead, I'm going to go and try to get us some money for textbooks, school roofs, teacher salaries, computers, new community centers, mental health funding, job training for the disadvantaged, food banks, public transportation, health clinics, programs for seniors and in doing so, hopefully save a bunch of families from being torn apart from mandatory sentencing.


* Marihuana - the legal spelling as used in the Controlled Substance Act.

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