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Elysabeth Britt, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (OK-5)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 16, 2018 Oklahoma City, OK -- I am more heartbroken by the minute, as we learn more information about the horrific school shooting in Florida, Wednesday.

As we begin to see video and images taken by the students who were forced to witness these terrible acts of violence, we see our nation’s most vulnerable being forced to step up and become heroes. This great Nation’s children should never be forced to witness another school shooting, but we know this terrible trend will continue if you and I don’t step up and take action.

I’m going to do my part, with your help and votes. When elected, I will push for legislation to curb access to guns for our children. I will also push for mental health reform, so that troubled young people have access to the kind of care that could have prevented this from happening in the first place. FInally, we need to ease the burden for first responders, and give law enforcement the tools and training they need to be proactive in responding to mental crisis emergencies.

Here are some specific steps we MUST take:

  • Creation of a new law to add security and protection for responsible gun ownership.
  • Implementation of federal tools to help merchants more easily identify high-risk individuals.
    • This law would create funding from gun and ammunition sales to train mental health Crisis Intervention Teams, and create a fund for fallen officers.. The fees would also completely pay for the law.
  • We need to re-evaluate our Nation’s mental health system. We MUST provide necessary mental health awareness training to school administrators and teachers to help detect people who have a propensity for violence; provide appropriate treatment for troubled students; and ensure those people are flagged by law enforcement officers.

If you’d like to know more about me and my positions, please go to or contact my Director of Communications, Dani Stewart at

Your friend and neighbor,
Elysabeth Brit

(405) 548-5805

P.O. Box 6055, Edmond, OK 73083

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